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The Justice Dept report claims that nearly 2 million people
are victims of workplace violence each year!!
42% of all driving records contain infractions
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Want an easier, more efficient way to train supervisors on reasonable suspicion? How about a course on OSHA's new guidelines? Or one that shows managers how to save time and money wasted on unproductive meetings? (Cost to US businesses: $37 billion!) Wolfe's new eLearning platform offers 200 courses on everything from reasonable suspicion to drug and alcohol awareness. Train one employee or a whole department. Check out our curated course library or call Melissa at 828-771-3113 to implement an employee training program today.
Background Checks!!!
Does your background screening violate FCRA? Are you worried about increased scrutiny by the EEOC? Check out our webinar “Hot Topics in Background Screening” with attorney Pam Devata. It’s full of information to help you fine tune your background screening practices and optimize your workforce.
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